Organic hairdresser in Saint Ghislain Mons en province du Hainaut

It’s been a while since you are looking for an organic hairdresser in saint-Ghislain ( Mons, province du Hainaut)a different kind of organic hairdresser, an organic hairdresser in Mons in the province of Hainaut specialized in aromatherapy to wake up your senses and relax your mind.  An organic hairdresser in Mons Saint-Ghislain to live a perfect moment of relaxation and escape of the senses. An organic hairdresser in Saint-Ghislain Mons in the Hainaut where the prices are clearly communicated. An organic hair salon in Saint Ghislain Mons which is easily accessible. 

… So, you are in the right place. 

Artistic beauty is an organic hairdresser in Saint Ghislain Mons in the province of Hainaut. This organic hair salon only use essential oils, plants and natural products to take care of your hair. They only use healthy products. The prices aren’t higher than in an other hair salon in Saint Ghislain. However , the service has nothing to do with a traditional hair salon.

All natural ! 

Laura Wallet is self-employed since years. Nowadays, health care is a big deal for the hairdresser. They use really toxic products and they often have health issues, like skin issues or breathing issues.  For her own health and for her customers, Laura decided to totally ban the dangerous products from her hair salon. Now, she only works with plants and ecological products. She decided to collaborate with the “Hairborist” company. It’s a belgian brand specialized in the making of high quality natural products for hairdressers. 

And what a result!

Since Laura Wallet worked with the belgian brand “Hairborist”, her life has changed. The whole atmosphere of the salon has changed, the smells of plants have replaced the unpleasant scents of ammonia and chemicals that can be found at any hairdresser in Saint Ghislain Mons. The essential oils revived the hair of the customers, it revived the hair damaged by long years of mistreatment. As a result of this change, Laura completely revised her vision of the hairstyle. She now takes the time to listen to you, advise you and pamper yourself, totally in harmony with her principles. Thanks to her years of experience, the hair dye and the haircut that she makes have no equal in Saint Ghislain.

An organic hairdresser in Saint Ghislain Mons in the province of Hainaut who’s taking the time to live.

Forget the crazy rhythm of life and treat yourself with an essential oil hair care and a modern haircut. Here, everything is made of wood and painted with natural colors, warm and relaxing. You can also come with your kids. First , we begin to help you to relax with a relaxing essential oils bath, with delicious and refreshing smells. Then , you will enjoy the comfortable and super smooth foam. And to end, the purify blow of the wind in your hair will make you feel super fresh and light. That’s how they take care of your hair at Artistic beauty, with all the attention you deserve. It’s a unique experience that no else hairdresser can make you live in  Saint Ghislain Mons. Also, there is never a bad surprise with the prices, everything is included in the menus. 

An organic hairdresser in Saint Ghislain Mons in the province of Hainaut  without extra charge.

This organic hairdresser in Saint Ghislain Mons in the province of Hainaut has prices without any surprise, all is included. You only pay the prices announced. There is no extra charge for the length or for a hair care, all inclusive. 

An organic hairdresser in Saint Ghislain Mons in the province of Hainaut  easily accessible.

Saint Ghislain is 15 minutes far from Mons, in a quiet place. It’s easily accessible, we have public parking places in the market and at the train station next to the hair salon. The hair salon is in a commercial street.