Natural Hair Dye in Saint Ghislain

Laura Wallet of the Artistic beauty hair salon is the first and only one to offer you the natural hair dye in Saint Ghislain. After extensive training with professionals in natural coloring in Belgium, she became the specialist in plants based hair dye in the province of Hainaut. After using chemical products to excess, she became aware of the harmful effects of chemical hair dye on health and hair. So, she decided to introduce natural hair dye in the province of Hainaut.

What is the recipe of natural hair dye?

The natural products winch Laura uses is only made with the finest powder of flower petals, flower pistils, spices and plants. She trusts the ” Hairborist” brand.

What are the benefits of natural hair dye?

The plant based hair dye used in Artisic beauty does not contain any toxic, allergenic or suspected carcinogenic ingredients such as PPD, Toluenes, Diamines, PEG, aminophenol, resorcinol…

Thanks to this 100% natural products, the hair structure is no longer damaged, it is a true dye care that, due to its tannic acid content, gives an incomparable and natural shine to the hair. In addition, the scalp is well-balanced.

  • With the herbal hair colour in Saint Ghislain, you will obtain luminous and intense tones, more beautiful than with chemical products.
  • The natural hair dye in Saint Ghislain makes it possible to revive the color of your hair or to make it darker of several tones.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the plant based hair dye allows a perfect coverage of white hair.
  • The natural coloring allows to take advantage of the transparency of white hair to create a harmonious effect of highlight.
  • The natural hair dye in Saint Ghislain only uses plant based products, so there is no bad consequence for the environment. It’s 100% ecologic.
  • You can have your hair dye during chimio with the natural dye. The products are healthy and hypoallergenic

However, this natural hair dye can’t lighten because it doesn’t destroy the pigments and doesn’t contain aggressive factors.

What are the principles of natural hair dye at Artistic beauty?

It is the henna, copper-colored, that attaches to the hair and covers it.The other plants just allow to change the color of the henna in first or second layer. As with chemical staining, set a pitch using one of the three copper shades (yellow=copper, orange=mahogany, red=auburn). Let’s illustrate it with a few examples: on white hair, if you want to stay in light shades, favor the yellow coppers, that is the color copper, blond, golden blond, chestnut and cold chestnut. If you want darker tones, pre-pigment with auburn, mahogany or Brazilian red your hair then apply a second layer of brown or black.

The demand for plant based hair dye in the province of Hainaut is growing everyday.

In recent years, there has been a strong demand from consumers for hair salons that use natural hair dye in the province of Hainaut. Although too few hair salons dare to embark on this adventure, mentalities are evolving. The main reasons that these hair salons don’t dare to practice natural hair dye in the province of Hainaut are their lack of knowledge in this field and the fear of questioning themselves. Because the plant coloring actually covers white hair but for this it is necessary to master the techniques. After years of experience, Laura Wallet from the Artistic Beauty Salon in Saint Ghislain decided to learn a new way of working, completely natural.

After several internships, she convinced her clientele that we could achieve better results with plants than with chemical ingredients with are toxic to health. Since this experience, the living room breathes nature. Everything is designed to make you feel good.